About Panjoy

What is Panjoy?

Panjoy is a search engine that links to over a million recipes, including celebrity chefs' own web sites and other reputable sources such as tv stations, supermarkets and other corporations. The principle behind looking at these sites is that their recipes are comparatively well written, tried and tested because their reputations depend on them. Of course the community sites contain a myriad great, creative recipes which are also in the index.

You can search on the ingredients required, or the recipe's title, and many recipes are tagged as vegetarian, suitable for diabetic diets, etc.

Perhaps the most interesting feature is the ability to look for recipes by specific authors. It's here that Panjoy differs from other search engines, in that Panjoy only looks at the authoritative sources of the author's recipes. For example, a search for Jamie Oliver recipes will not return links to all those pages out there that mention his name in the small print at the bottom, but that give a recipe not actually having been created by him.

It's easy to mark your favourite recipes with a single click (once logged in), and then restrict searches to look only among your favourites.

By way of demonstration, here are some of the chefs that we have indexed.


You can recommend a site or an author to be indexed, and make general enquiries at our contact us page.

this week's top recipes

Timballo alla torrese by Gino D'Acampo (ITV)

Quick chicken korma by Madhur Jaffrey (BBC)

Mexican-style bean soup by Sophie Grigson (BBC)

Omelette Tourangelle by Sophie Grigson (BBC)

Beetroot with onions by Madhur Jaffrey (UKTV)

Delicious cocktail koftas by Madhur Jaffrey (UKTV)

grilled mushroom risotto by Jamie Oliver

Delia's Rhubarb and ginger brûlée by Delia Smith (Waitrose)

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